The purpose of CHARUSAT behind the creation of alumni association is to promote dynamic and enriching intellectual and social exchanges.
  The University has developed a wide range of alumni benefits and facilities that make renewed and enriching contact of past students with the university
 and offers to this vibrant alumni association an invaluable personal and professional network.
  It has few major goals:
  ~ to establish links between the different classes thereby fostering a sense of solidarity.
  ~ to assist students and former graduates as well as their families when necessary.
  ~ to provide career guidance for those alumni facing difficulties in their careers.
  ~ to set up taskforces in different professions so as to encourage initiatives and exchange of ideas.
 Another key role played by the university is keeping track of the former students in its directory.
 The effort is made to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between alumni and their College,
 and to enhance and inspire alumni involvement that furthers the mission of the College.