Meeting with the international standards and coping with the world class infrastructure the Wi-Fi campus is established as a mark to march ahead in the
 competitive modern era.
 In order to manage IT resources, a separate cell is established which is called as the Wireless Information and Networking Cell (WINCELL). It looks 
 after the campus networking, the internet facilities, computer laboratories, campus data and information management. The campus is developed as an
 eCampus with computers connected through intranet. All internal communication, institutional news & announcement are made through intranet.
 All labs have internet nodes and all staff members have Internet access at their working place. More than 1000 computers are installed with the
 student-computer ratio of 2:1. 11mbps internet facility with cyber-roam software is made available 24x7.
 Knowledge Resources
 Equipped with modern technologies the Knowledge Resource Centre encompasses a wide range of books and other resource materials like e-books,
 journals technical reports, back volumes and other reading material. This ever mushrooming centre in terms of bringing new and quality books contains
 30000 books, 2oo e-books, and 300 journals. It is fully computerized with bar code system cards. In addition to this, there are more than 2250
 educational CDs available for students and the faculty.
 Data Based Management System and Internet connectivity increase the efficacy of the users and make it more manageable for them. It has adequate
 infrastructure to meet its requirements, has computerized all its operation using software developed in-house, and provide access to the collection through
 Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).
 Human Resources
 Distinguished 300 Faculty trained in Stanford, IITs, IIMs, leading universities, and industries are upgraded with up to date teaching methodologies. The
 university is privileged to have the highest density of PG Qualified Teachers, faculty with Ph D qualifications and recognized Ph.D. guides who have
 published books and National & International research papers. Special Incentive Schemes are proposed to initiate dedication among the Faculty for
 research and development.
  Keeping the Faculty – Student Ratio as low as 1:14 (approx.), faculty feedback, and performance appraisal report, an effort is made to enhance the level
 of teaching in the class room. In addition to this, the programmes such as STTP, FDP and QIP enable the faculty to sharpen their skills. Furthermore,
 full pay sponsorship is offered to pursue masters / doctoral / Post-Doc Fellowships.